Introduction of a virtual trauma meeting in response to COVID-19.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on all our lives, both personally and professionally, and in many ways has been a catalyst for change. Limitations on social gathering have called the wisdom of a conventional trauma meeting into question. We have initiated our virtual trauma meeting and report our early results.Daily morning trauma meetings are now conducted online. Following instigation, we collated the results of a feedback form completed online to assess the relative merits of a virtual trauma meeting.There were 27 responses received to the electronically administered virtual trauma meeting evaluation survey, from a range of trauma and orthopaedic department personnel. There were no concerns regarding patient safety or decision making and, apart from the quality of the audio (63% dissatisfied or very dissatisfied) positive feedback outweighed negative feedback in every category. At 74%, the majority of respondents were satisfied or very satisfied overall with the virtual trauma meeting.Trauma meetings can be safely conducted in a virtual environment with high standards of patient care maintained. Virtual trauma meeting offers service enhancements such as early subspecialty input and enhanced cross-site communication and rapid solution development to logistical difficulties. Adapting to conference call etiquette will enhance user experience and opportunity for training opportunities, but adequate investment in high-quality equipment is essential.

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Authors: D Burchette, C To, H Willmott