Inferior Surface Leukoplakia of Vocal Folds: Risk of Recurrence: A Preliminary Study.

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This study aimed to identify vocal fold leukoplakia (VFL) lesions on the inferior surface as a risk factor for recurrence.This was a retrospective study with data collected from 2001 to 2018. The study comprised 37 patients with VFL, divided into the nonrecurrent and recurrent groups. We examined the clinicopathological characteristics and the surgical procedures performed in each patient.Among the 37 patients, 15 (40.5%) had residual (3) or recurrent (12) VFL. Of those patients with and without recurrence, 8 of 12 (66.7%) and 6 of 22 (27.3%), respectively, had inferior surface lesions of the vocal fold at the initial operation (P = .036). Recurrences were significantly higher in patients with inferior surface lesions. Other evaluated factors did not show significance for recurrence.The presence of VFL lesions on the inferior surface is a significant risk factor for recurrence.

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