Implementing ICHOM standard set for cataract surgery at IPO-Porto (Portugal): clinical outcomes, quality of life and costs.

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This paper fills a gap in the applied research field, for a local context, by addressing the topics of describing cataract surgery’ clinical outcomes; quality of life (QoL); and costs of the patients treated after the implementation of the ICHOM standard set.This is a retrospective observational study using real-world data (RWD). We included all patients subjected to cataract surgery at the Portuguese Institute of oncology – Porto (IPO-Porto), Portugal, after 3 months follow up period completed between 5th June 2017 and 21st May 2018. The following inclusion criteria: corrected visual acuity of ≤ 6/10 or other significant visual disturbance due to lens opacity or the existence of a large anisometropia. A circuit was implemented based on the ICHOM standard for cataract, to measure clinical variables (e.g. visual acuity) and QoL (CATQUEST-9SF) before and after surgery, and cost of treatment. The results were explored by means of a paired-sample t-test, considering normality assumptions.Data refers to 268 patients (73 P25-P75:32-95 years old), regarding 374 eyes. The cataract surgery had a positive effect on visual acuity (p 

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Authors: Lara Queirós, Patrícia Redondo, M França, Sérgio Estrela Silva, Pedro Borges, António Benevides de Melo, Nuno Pereira, Paulo Freitas da Costa, Nazaré Carvalho, Marina Borges, Isabel Sequeira, Francisco Nuno Rocha Gonçalves, José Lemos