Impact of early biochemical diagnosis of anastomotic leakage after rectal cancer surgery: long-term results from GRECCAR 5 trial.

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A raised C-reactive protein level should be used to prompt early detection of anastomotic leakage before development of clinical symptoms. Early biochemical diagnosis of anastomotic leakage and intervention mitigates the negative impact of leakage on oncological outcomes in patients with rectal cancer.

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Authors: Q Denost, P Rouanet, J-L Faucheron, Y Panis, B Meunier, E Cotte, G Meurette, G Portier, C Sabbagh, J Loriau, S Benoist, G Piessen, I Sielezneff, B Lelong, F Mauvais, B Romain, M-L Barussaud, M Capdepont, C Laurent, E Rullier