Ileal or Colonic Histologic Activity is Not Associated With Clinical Relapse in Patients With Crohn’s Disease in Endoscopic Remission.

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Goals of treatment for Crohn’s disease (CD) are clinical and endoscopic remission. It is not clear whether histologic markers of healing associate with endoscopic remission in patients with CD.We identified patients with CD from a single institutional registry, and collected data from 129 patients (46.5% female; mean age 25 y; mean CD duration 14.5 y) who underwent colonoscopy evaluation and had simple endoscopic scores for CD below 3 (the definition of endoscopic remission). Histologic signs of CD activity were graded in 192 biopsies (90 ileum and 102 colon), and disease was classified as active (presence of crypt destruction, neutrophils, erosions or ulcerations), quiescent (presence of architectural distortion and chronic inflammatory infiltrate), or normal histology (none of these). The primary outcome was clinical relapse within 2 y (dose escalation, change in therapy, need for systemic steroids, or CD-related hospitalization or surgery). We performed multivariable regression adjusting for relevant confounders to examine the independent predictive value of histologic activity.Within 2 y of endoscopic evaluation, 42 patients (32.6%) had a clinical relapse. There were no significant differences in proportions of patients with active ileal CD (23.8%), quiescent CD (28.6%), or normal histology (37%,) between those who relapsed and those remaining in remission (p=.43). There were no significant differences in proportions of relapses among patients with active colonic disease (38.1%), quiescent disease (35.0%), or normal histology (27.9%, P=.73). A linear regression analysis found no association between histologic features of active disease in ileal histology biopsies and symptom scores (Harvey Bradshaw index and simple inflammatory bowel disease questionnaire scores).In an analysis of biopsies from patients with CD who had achieved clinical and endoscopic remission, histologic remission was not associated with clinical relapse within 2 years.

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