Haemorrhagic shock from solid tumours of the adrenal gland: a case of bleeding primary adrenal lymphoma.

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Suprarenal or adrenal gland haemorrhage is an uncommon but potentially lethal condition if unrecognised. Adrenal masses rarely present with haemorrhage, but they remain an important differential aetiology for adrenal bleeding. We present a novel case of primary adrenal lymphoma with adrenal haemorrhage in a middle-aged woman who presented with right-sided abdominal pain and class 1 haemorrhagic shock. She was found to have spontaneous unilateral adrenal gland haemorrhage in the absence of any underlying previous pathology. Presenting features, diagnosis and subsequent oncological management are reported.

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Authors: P Bhattacharya, R Zakaria, S Stonelake, B Butler, D Sarma, M Maheswari, S Zaman