Guidelines for Clinical Trials of Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia: Consensus Recommendations from the International FFA Cooperative Group (IFFACG).

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Frontal fibrosing alopecia (FFA) has become one of the most common causes of cicatricial alopecia worldwide, but lacks clear aetiology and robust clinical trial evidence for efficacy and safety of agents currently used for treatment.To enable data to be collected worldwide on FFA using common criteria and assessment methods.A multi-centre, international group of experts in hair loss was convened by email to create consensus recommendations for clinical trials. Consensus was defined at >90% agreement on each recommended part of these guidelines.Standardized diagnostic criteria, severity rating, staging, and investigator and patient assessment of scalp hair loss and other clinical features of FFA were created.These guidelines should allow the collection of reliable aggregate data on FFA and further efforts in both clinical and basic research to close knowledge gaps in this condition.

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Authors: E A Olsen, M Harries, A Tosti, W Bergfeld, U Blume-Peytavi, V Callender, V Chasapi, O Correia, G Cotsarelis, R Dhurat, N Dlova, I Doche, N Enechukwu, R Grimalt, S Itami, M Hordinsky, K Khobzei, W-S Lee, S Malakar, A Messenger, A McMichael, P Mirmirani, Y Ovcharenko, S Papanikou, G M Pinto, B M Piraccini, R Pirmez, P Reygagne, J Roberts, L Rudnicka, D Saceda-Corralo, J Shapiro, T Silyuk, R Sinclair, R O Soares, A Souissi, A Vogt, K Washenik, A Zlotogorski, D Canfield, S Vano-Galvan