Genodermatoses with Hearing impairment.

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Hearing loss is a prominent feature in multiple genodermatoses. Underappreciation of auditory deficits can misdirect proper diagnosis by the treating dermatologist. This review sums up the anatomical, developmental, and embryological aspects that characterize the ear and provides a summary of genodermatoses with aberrant auditory findings. The latter are classified into neural crest, metabolic, pigmentary, craniofacial and a miscellaneous category of disorders lacking specific cutaneous findings. The algorithms provided in this review enable treating dermatologists to better recognize, and subsequently manage, genodermatoses with ear involvement.

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Authors: Lamiaa Hamie, Edward Eid, Samar Khalil, Nohra Ghaoui, Ossama Abbas, Maria Hamie, Pierre Abi Akl, Mazen Kurban