Gender Differences in Anger Among Hospital Medical Staff Exposed to Patients with COVID-19.

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Purpose: Occupational exposure to patients with COVID-19 is a stress factor. The aim of this study was to assess gender differences in anger among medical hospital staff. Methods_N=78 hospital employees with direct or indirect contact to patients with COVID-19 completed State-Trait Inventory-2. Results: Female personnel showed higher scores in the main “trait anger” scale and its subscale “anger temperament,” whereas “anger control-out” was significant lower. Direct patient contact had no influence. Conclusion: More specific training for female hospital staff could achieve health-related equity. Focusing on anger as a leading indicator could lead to better prevention and self-monitoring. Registered at (NCT04368312).

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Authors: Ulrich Wesemann, Nino Hadjamu, Reza Wakili, Gerd Willmund, Julia Vogel, Tienush Rassaf, Johannes Siebermair