Fundus flavimaculatus-like in myotonic dystrophy: a case report.

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Myotonic dystrophy is an inherited disease characterized by progressive muscle weakness and myotonia. It is a multisystemic disorder that affects different parts of the body, including the eye. Dysfunction of ocular muscles, ptosis and cataract are the most common ophthalmologic manifestations, but it can also present with pigmentary changes in the retina. This report presents and discusses an unusual case of a pigmented pattern dystrophy simulating a fundus flavimaculatus in a patient with myotonic dystrophy.We present a case of a woman with a history of myotonic dystrophy and complaints of progressive vision loss who presented bilateral retinal pigmentary changes in posterior pole and midperiphery. The characteristics and distribution of pigmented deposits, as well as ancillary tests, showed a retinal phenotype compatible with a multifocal pattern dystrophy or a fundus flavimaculatus.There are a few publications about retinal disorders in patients with myotonic dystrophy. When macular area is affected it tends to adopt a patterned-shape defined as butterfly dystrophy or reticular dystrophy. To our knowledge, this is the first report of a patient with myotonic dystrophy and multifocal pattern dystrophy or fundus flavimaculatus.

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Authors: Eric Kirkegaard-Biosca, Mònica Berges-Marti, Brahim Azarfane, Esther Cilveti, Laura Distefano, Jose García-Arumí