Feasibility of Combining Nerve Stimulation and Local Anesthetic Infusion to Treat Acute Postamputation Pain: A Case Report of a Hybrid Technique.

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Pain following amputation is often poorly controlled despite the use of nerve blocks. We describe a novel pain management approach in a 56-year-old woman with episodes of poorly controlled pain following below-knee amputation despite a multimodal analgesic regimen with continuous sciatic nerve block. Effective analgesia was observed during those episodes when the nerve block catheter was briefly stimulated at low frequency using a nerve stimulator designed for regional anesthesia procedural guidance. This case report explains the utilization and rationale of this hybrid technique of combined peripheral nerve stimulation and locoregional analgesia via perineural nerve block catheters to augment analgesia.

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Authors: Rakesh V Sondekoppam, Vivian Ip, Ban C H Tsui