[Experience of care and daily life during national sanitary confinement in patients followed and treated in Cancer Control Centers: The BaroCov Inquiry].

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Confinement within the framework of Covid 19 required organizations in cancer centers, in particular with postponing certain treatments. We interviewed 6080 patients who had a scheduled appointment during this period. 2478 patients gave their opinion regarding access and organization of care, teleconsultation, their concerns and their reasons for satisfaction. While 83 % of them say they are satisfied with the organization of care, 25 % of respondents say they have given up care that they consider essential in 1/3 of cases. The concern related to the follow-up of the cancerous disease takes precedence over that of being infected with the Sars-cov-2 virus, unlike the general population, and relationships with their loved ones are spontaneously cited as a reason for satisfaction. This method captures the experience of patients, despite certain limitations. Such an approach could be used to set up a specific system during normal periods.

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Authors: Evelyne Renault-Tessier, Matthieu Carton, Marie-France Meng, Maud Milder, Elisabeth Angellier, Carole Bouleuc, Jean-Christophe Mino