Epidemiology, prenatal diagnosis, and neonatal outcomes of congenital heart defects in eastern China: a hospital-based multicenter study.

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Congenital heart defect is the leading malformation in China. There may have been changes in congenital heart defect incidence because of birth policy shift in China over past years. This study aimed to investigate the epidemiology, prenatal diagnosis, and outcomes of congenital heart disease to improve medical and policy decisions.Data on cases of congenital heart disease identified during 2014-2018 were taken from the Zhejiang provincial birth defects surveillance system. Chi-square test, odds ratio (OR) and 95% confidence interval (CI) were used to explore epidemiology, prenatal diagnosis, and birth outcomes of congenital heart disease.The average incidence of congenital heart disease was 16.0 per 1000 births, which increased by 62.2% during 2014-2018(χ2trend = 181.41, P 

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