Endovascular community response to mortality data in use of paclitaxel devices for peripheral vascular disease.

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Examine the endovascular community response to data demonstrating increased mortality in paclitaxel devices for the treatment of peripheral arterial disease in femoropopliteal lesions.A retrospective observational study using the Vascular Quality Initiative Peripheral Vascular Intervention registry dataset was performed examining paclitaxel device use for peripheral arterial disease in femoropopliteal arteries treated from 2017-2019. A total of 41707 patients and 52208 procedures were analyzed during the study period. Post-hoc analysis was performed to examine use during selected time periods in 2019.Total femoropopliteal procedures in 2017, 2018, and 2019 were 17458, 21140, and 21322, respectively. Paclitaxel devices were used for 8852 arteries in 2017, 10691 in 2018, and 6732 in 2019, which was significantly reduced, when comparing 2019 volumes to 2017 or 2018 (p < .0001) and 2019 versus 2018 + 2017 volumes (p < .0001). Post-hoc analysis of selected times in 2019 demonstrated variable use throughout 2019.Following publication of data with concerns of mortality associated with paclitaxel device use in 2018, a rapid reduction in overall paclitaxel device use was observed in 2019.

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Authors: Blair Edward Warren, Graham Roche-Nagle, Jason Zhu, Guan Wang, Naomi Eisenberg, Dheeraj K Rajan, Sebastian Mafeld