Endoscopic Surgery of Congenital Cholesteatoma in the Anterior Epitympanic Recess: A Case Report of a Rare Location.

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Congenital cholesteatoma is a whitish mass in the middle ear medial to an intact tympanic membrane. It is often without symptoms and therefore incidentally diagnosed. Pediatric congenital cholesteatoma generally starts as a small pearl-like mass in the middle ear cavity that eventually expands to involve the ossicles, epitympanum, and mastoid. The location, size, histopathological type, and extent of the mass must be evaluated to select the appropriate surgical method. Although microscopic ear surgery has traditionally been performed to remove congenital cholesteatoma, a recently introduced alternative is endoscopic surgery, which allows a minimally invasive approach and has better visualization. Here, we report the first known case of a patient with congenital cholesteatoma in the anterior epitympanic recess and discuss the utility of an endoscopic approach in the removal of a congenital cholesteatoma in the hidden area within the middle ear.

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