Endoscopic laryngeal findings in patients undergoing thyroid and parathyroid surgery.

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This study aimed to report the pre- and post-operative laryngeal endoscopic findings in patients referred by non-otolaryngologists who are undergoing thyroid and/or parathyroid surgery, and to determine the number and nature of referrals before and after the release of the clinical practice guideline for improving voice outcomes after thyroid surgery.This retrospective cohort study, conducted at a tertiary care academic hospital, comprised adult patients referred by the endocrine surgery service for laryngoscopy from 2007 to 2018 (n = 166). Data regarding patient demographics, reason for referral and endoscopic findings were recorded.The number of referrals increased significantly after the release of the practice guideline. The most common indication for referral pre- and post-operatively was voice change. The most common finding during laryngoscopy was normal examination findings (pre-operatively) and unilateral vocal fold immobility (post-operatively).Peri-operative thyroid and/or parathyroid patients have laryngoscopic findings other than vocal fold immobility. Laryngoscopy to detect structural and functional pathology is warranted.

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Authors: E S Burckardt, B J Baird, J H Van Stan, J A Burns