Electrospun gold nanorods/graphene oxide loaded-core-shell nanofibers for local delivery of paclitaxel against lung cancer during photo-chemotherapy method.

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The combinations of photothermal therapy (PTT) and chemotherapy (CHT) have attracted increasing attention for cancer therapy. In the present study, paclitaxel as an anticancer drug and graphene oxide/gold nanorods (GO/Au NRs) were simultaneously loaded into the poly (tetramethylene ether) glycol based-polyurethane (PTMG-PU) (core)/chitosan (shell) nanofibers prepared by the coaxial electrospinning method. The potential of the synthesized nanofiber as a pH/temperature dual responsive carrier was investigated for the controlled release of paclitaxel against A549 lung cancer during PTT/CHT combined method. The synthesized core-shell nanofibers were characterized using SEM, TEM and XRD analysis. The drug encapsulation efficiency, drug release and kinetic studies were carried out. The compatibility of the synthesized core-shell nanofibers was also investigated. The cell viability of the synthesized nanofibers treated with A549 lung cancer cells was investigated under alone CHT, alone PTT and PTT/CHT method. The in vivo studies indicated that the PTT/CHT method demonstrated an optimal therapeutic effect on tumor inhibition without change in body weight. The obtained results demonstrated that the synthesized core-shell nanofibers would be used for lung cancer treatment under NIR irradiation in the future.

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Authors: Mohammadreza Hasani Azerbaijan, Ehsan Bahmani, Mania Habibi Jouybari, Amir Hassaniazardaryani, Pouya Goleij, Mohammad Akrami, Mohammad Irani