Effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the formation of fellows in training in cardiology.

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COronaVIrus Disease-19 (COVID-19) had a huge impact on human health and economy. However, to this date, the effects of the pandemic on the training of young cardiologists are only partially known. To assess the consequences of the pandemic on the education of the cardiologists in training, we performed a 23-item national survey that has been delivered to 1443 Italian cardiologists in training, registered in the database of the Italian Society of Cardiology (SIC). Six hundred and thirty-three cardiologists in training participated in the survey. Ninety-five percent of the respondents affirmed that the training programme has been somewhat stopped or greatly jeopardized by the pandemic. For 61% of the fellows in training (FITs), the pandemic had a negative effect on their education. Moreover, 59% of the respondents believe that they would not be able to fill the gap gained during that period over the rest of their training. A negative impact on the psycho-physical well being has been reported by 86% of the FITs. The COVID-19 pandemic had an unparalleled impact on the education, formation and mental state of the cardiologists in training. Regulatory agencies, universities and politicians should make a great effort in the organization and reorganization of the teaching programs of the cardiologists of tomorrow.

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Authors: Antonio Strangio, Isabella Leo, Carmen Anna Maria Spaccarotella, Francesco Barillà, Cristina Basso, Maria Pia Calabrò, Antonio Curcio, Pasquale Perrone Filardi, Massimo Mancone, Giuseppe Mercuro, Saverio Muscoli, Savina Nodari, Roberto Pedrinelli, Francesco Romeo, Gianfranco Sinagra, Ciro Indolfi