Effect of COVID-19 Pandemic on Anxiety Depression And Intention To Go To Hospital in Chronic Patients.

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The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of COVID-19 pandemic on anxiety depression and intention to go to hospital in chronic patients.The Bostan Intention to Go to Hospital Scale developed by one researcher (SB) as the data collection tool and the Beck Anxiety-Depression Inventories were used.56.8% of the patients stated that they would go to the hospital in case of emergency and 28.3% expressed that they did not want to go to the hospital even in this case. 50% of the patients said that they did not want to go to the hospital under any circumstances during the pandemic process. As a result of the correlation analysis, there were inverse correlation between the anxiety-depression levels and encountering COVID patient and having a relative with COVID(p=0.001). Inverse correlation was found between intention to go to hospital and encountering COVID patient(p=0.001).It was revealed that chronic patients did not have any intentions to go to hospital during the COVID-19 pandemia and only half of people were willing to go to hospital in case of emergency. Anxiety and depression levels were found to increase when COVID patient was encountered or a relative had COVID.

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Authors: Yasemin Kaya, Sedat Bostan, Ahmet Kaya, Ömer Karaman, Ahmet Karataş, Seçkin Dereli