Early diagnosis of chyle fistula with SD LipidoCare after neck dissection.

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This study aimed to analyse the results of chyle fistula testing using the SD LipidoCare system in patients who had undergone neck dissections performed in our hospital in 2019.Sixty patients who underwent neck dissections from March 2019 to November 2019 were identified based on their medical records.Post-operative chyle fistulas were observed in 3 of 60 patients (5 per cent). All patients who developed chyle fistulas had undergone left-sided neck dissections. Within 3 minutes, the SD LipidoCare test had produced triglyceride results of 49, 56 and 207 mg/dl in the three patients. The remaining 57 patients measured ‘low’ for triglycerides on the SD LipidoCare test system.The SD LipidoCare test quickly and accurately diagnosed chyle fistulas in patients who had undergone neck dissections. All patients improved with conservative treatment following the early diagnosis of chyle fistulas.

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Authors: D H Lee, H K Kim, J K Lee, S C Lim