Cryoneurolysis of Innervation to Sacroiliac Joints: Technical Description and Initial Results-A Case Series.

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The sacroiliac joint (SIJ) is a common source of pain in patients with low back pain. Untreated pain from the SIJ can lead to prolonged discomfort and financial burden. Interventional treatments for SIJ-related pain include intraarticular steroid injection and radiofrequency ablation but both procedures provide pain relief for a limited duration. Cryoneurolysis is another neuroablative technique that is effective in various chronic pain conditions. However, there is no clear description of SIJ cryoneurolysis in the published literature. In this report, we present 5 patients with SIJ-related pain and we describe the ultrasound-guided SIJ cryoneurolysis technique and its analgesic efficacy.

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Authors: Rajendra Kumar Sahoo, Gautam Das, Laxmi Pathak, Debjyoti Dutta, Chinmoy Roy, Anuj Bhatia