Contralateral Transmaxillary Approach for Resection of Chondrosarcoma of the Petrous Apex: A Case Report.

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Deep location and neurovascular structures make access to lesions of the petrous apex a significant challenge. A novel approach for these tumors is the contralateral transmaxillary approach.A 31-year-old male was evaluated for left abducens nerve palsy. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography revealed an enhancing, lytic lesion of the petrous apex with extension to the cavernous sinus and petroclival junction. The patient underwent a combined endoscopic contralateral transmaxillary and endoscopic endonasal transclival approach for resection of the lesion. No new or worsening neurologic deficits were noted following the procedure. Pathology revealed low-grade chondrosarcoma (grade I). Postoperative MRI revealed gross total resection of the lesion. Patient underwent adjuvant radiation therapy at the discretion of radiation oncology.The contralateral transmaxillary approach to the petrous apex allows for resection of lesions of the petrous apex with the ability to extend the dissection laterally. Excellent results achieved by institutions with advanced extended endoscopic endonasal experience can be reproduced in institutions with less experience. Further characterization of the risks and benefits of this approach is needed.

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