Comparison of Medial Underlay and Lateral Underlay Endoscopic Type I Tympanoplasty for Anterior Perforations of the Tympanic Membrane.

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To compare the outcomes of medial and lateral underlay endoscopic type I tympanoplasty for anterior tympanic membrane (TM) perforations.Retrospective chart review.Tertiary care academic referral center.Patients who were diagnosed with either chronic otitis media with dry and stable anterior TM perforations or traumatic anterior TM perforations and underwent endoscopic type I tympanoplasty between 2017 and 2019.Medial or lateral underlay type I endoscopic tympanoplasty.Patient demographics, size, and location of TM perforation, graft success rate, and hearing outcome.Of the 170 patients, 68 and 102 patients underwent the medial and lateral underlay techniques, respectively. Patient demographics were not significantly different between groups, except the middle ear mucosa status. Graft success rates were significantly different between groups regardless of the perforation size (85.3 and 95.1%, p 

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Authors: Sung-Won Choi, Hwabin Kim, Han-Seul Na, Jung Woo Lee, Seokhwan Lee, Se-Joon Oh, Soo-Keun Kong