Combined use of QRISK3 and SCORE as predictors of carotid plaques in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

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Because carotid plaques predict the development of cardiovascular events in RA, we aimed to assess if the combined use of the systematic coronary risk evaluation (SCORE) and the QRISK3 algorithms allows for the identification of RA patients with carotid plaques in a defined population-based RA inception cohort.A set of consecutive RA patients without a history of diabetes, chronic kidney disease or cardiovascular events were studied by carotid US between 2012 and 2019. Modified SCORE (mSCORE) for RA based on the 2015/2016 updated EULAR recommendations and QRISK3 algorithms were retrospectively tested using baseline data obtained at the time of the carotid US assessment.A total of 466 (54%) of 865 patients had carotid plaques. Using dichotomized QRISK3 and EULAR mSCORE, 73.2% (95% CI: 68.4.8, 77.6) of patients with QRISK ≥ 10% and EULAR mSCORE 

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