Why COVID-19 pandemic builds a convincing case for investing in ‘Young Physician Leaders (YPL)’.

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There are pressing issues that are plaguing healthcare systems across the world (especially in the lower-middle-income countries), which comprise low-quality care, affordability, accessibility, poor infrastructure, violence against healthcare personnel, deficiency of physicians and healthcare staff. COVID-19 has put an immense physical and mental strain on the young physicians who are at the forefront in fighting this pandemic. This has lead to an increase in incidences of burnout among young doctors, which adversely impacts the quality of healthcare, patient well-being and satisfaction. The present-day medical training typically creates solo medical experts; but, modern-day management of patients and organisations require team-work and leadership. To profoundly alter the way the young physicians work and for creating physician leaders for the future, leadership training ought to commence during the medical school.

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