Managing pregnancy in COVID-19 pandemic: A review article.

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The outbreak Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a respiratory tract infection caused by a highly contagious and lethal beta coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which has spread fast to encroach the entire globe and hence declare pandemic. Pregnancy alters body physiology and immune systems, can have worse effects of some respiratory infections and due to limited research and published data we still are in dilemma of appropriate management guidelines This article covers the updated guidelines for infection prevention and control (IPC), screening, sampling, antenatal visit schedules, risk scoring, triaging, supportive care, delivery, postpartum care and care of the newborn. This article aims to provide up-to-date information as per recent guidelines of various association which would serve as guidance in managing pregnant women and newborn with suspected or confirmed COVID-19. All the published papers till date, NCPRE, WHO Interim guidelines, RCOG, FOGS GCPRI, Medical Council of India, ICMR, MOFHW, CDC, ACOG guidelines are referred to compile this article to reach to a conclusion of evidence based management of pregnant ladies during COVID-19 pandemic. This article covers the not only infection prevention and control (IPC) guidelines, but also screening and sampling guidelines, antenatal visit schedules, risk scoring, triaging but also in-patient supportive care, delivery, postpartum care and care of the newborn. Data are very limited and hence very difficult to accurately define clinical management strategies and needs to be constantly updated.

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