Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on adolescent health in India.

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SARS CoV2 is an emerging infectious pandemic. The preemptive measures taken to curtail the spread has its effects far and wide across different sectors and all age groups. The most unspoken sufferers are adolescents. In this article, we have reflected on how adolescent issues addressed by the government’s dynamism, have had collateral damage due to the COVID initiatives. Globally, around 89% are currently not in school because of COVID-19. They will pave a way to unforeseen collateral effects on the physical, social, psychological health, and future of the young minds. From an increase in school drop-outs, interrupted learning, worsening of the gender gap in education to technology dependence and addictions, this pandemic is going to unravel the uninvited social evils. The regular benefits of adolescents from the government have not been paid heed to. Supply of IFA tablets, sanitary napkins, provision of supplementary nutrition, health education, and implementation of immunization activities are a few of the services to mention which are being hampered. We have recommended a few strategies like establishing the peer educator system in disseminating COVID-related awareness, engaging them in a smooth public distribution system, and act as a potential linkage for the families in distress. We have proposed a few modus operandi like direct cash transfer or food supplements as take-home rations will be able to sustain the nutrition of the adolescents to keep the flow of uninterrupted amenities to adolescents in education, nutrition, mental health, personal hygiene, and other such sectors.

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