COVID control strategy–is there any light at the end of the tunnel?

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India has been witnessing a huge surge of COVID-19 cases, with increasing number of new cases and deaths daily. There is yet no effective vaccine, drug or strategy to combat this disease. Various models of COVID-19 trend and management have been put forward by different researchers, yet no prediction has yet turned out to be close to the reality.To find an effective public health strategy against COVID control.Ahmedabad district in Gujarat.Ahmedabad Model for control of COVID-19 based on Ct threshold has been put forth which stresses upon the fact that higher viral load (super-spreaders) could be an important determinant in spreading infections in the community.The cycle threshold (Ct)-based segregation of laboratory-confirmed positive cases along with contact tracing of all of them of previous 5 days has been found to be effective strategy and needs to be adopted for further management. The Ahmedabad model of COVID-19 control was practiced during 3rd week of June 2020 onwards. Following implementation, cases started declining in Ahmedabad district whereas it showed an increasing trend in rest of Gujarat where it was not implemented.Cases with low viral load may be quarantined at home with standard precaution whereas cases with higher viral load need to be quarantined in institutions (hospital or separate premises away from family).

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