Clinical Performance Assessment of a New Active Osseointegrated Implant System in Mixed Hearing Loss: Results From a Prospective Clinical Investigation.

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Evaluation of a new active osseointegrated bone-conduction hearing implant in moderate to severe mixed-hearing loss.Prospective observational study of a series of cases.Tertial referral center.Twenty patients with moderate mixed-hearing loss were evaluated (10 Cochlear Osia group and 10 Baha 5 Power Connect -control group).Rehabilitative.Hearing performance in quiet and in noise and quality-of-life were evaluated.Improvements in audibility, speech-understanding, speech-recognition, and quality-of-sound in noise and quiet were found for the Osia System compared with preoperative unaided hearing and performance was similar to that obtained with Baha 5 Power Connect.The new active transcutaneous bone conduction system provided a tonal improvement in free-field at middle and high frequencies. The performance in speech recognition in quiet and in noise was similar to control group outcomes.

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Authors: Ignacio Pla-Gil, María Aragonés Redó, Tomàs Pérez-Carbonell, Paz Martínez-Beneyto, Miguel Orts Alborch, Antonio Morant Ventura, Emilia Latorre Monteagudo, Ignacia Pitarch Ribas, Jaime Marco Algarra