Cervicofacial surgery and implantable hearing device extrusion: management of challenging cases.

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To describe our management of implantable hearing device extrusion in cases of previous cervicofacial surgery.A review was conducted of a retrospectively acquired database of surgical procedures for implantable hearing devices performed at our department between January 2011 and December 2019. Cases of device extrusion and previous cervicofacial surgery are included. Medical and surgical management is discussed.Four cases of implant extrusion following cervicofacial surgery were identified: one involving a Bonebridge system and three involving cochlear implants. In all cases, antibiotic treatment was administered and surgical debridement performed. The same Bonebridge system was implanted in the middle fossa. The three cochlear implants were removed, and new devices were implanted in a more posterior region.Previous cervicofacial surgery is a risk factor for hearing implant extrusion. The middle fossa approach is the best option for the Bonebridge system. Regarding the cochlear implant, it is always suitable to place it in a more posterior area. An inferiorly based fascio-muscular flap may be a good option to reduce the risk of extrusion.

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Authors: C Carnevale, G Til-Pérez, D Arancibia-Tagle, M Tomás-Barberán, P Sarría-Echegaray