CD86-based analysis enables observation of bona fide hematopoietic responses.

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-Sca-1+c-Kit+ cells; LSKs), is not suitable for the analysis of hematopoietic responses under biological stresses with interferon (IFN) production. Lin-Sca-1-c-Kit+ cells (LKs), downstream progenitors of LSKs, acquire Sca-1 expression upon inflammation, which makes it impossible to distinguish between LSKs and LKs. As an alternative and stable marker even under such stresses, we identified CD86 by screening 180 surface markers. The analysis of infection/inflammation-triggered hematopoiesis on the basis of CD86 expression newly revealed urgent erythropoiesis producing stress-resistant RBCs and intact reconstitution capacity of LSKs, which could not be detected by conventional Sca-1-based analysis.

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