Role of self-focussed reappraisal of negative emotion in emergence of emotional symptoms in adolescent girls.

Adolescent subthreshold emotional symptoms arise from impaired self-referential information-processing and approach-avoidance behaviour network integration, which compromises goal evaluation and pursuit strategies.We investigated whether impairment of negative emotion (goal) reappraisal strategies […]

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Rapid viral diagnosis and ambulatory management of suspected COVID-19 cases presenting at the infectious diseases referral hospital in Marseille, France, – January 31st to March 1st, 2020: A respiratory virus snapshot.

Rapid virological diagnosis is needed to limit the length of isolation for suspected COVID-19 cases.We managed the first 280 patients suspected to have COVID-19 through a rapid care circuit and […]

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Non-contact infrared versus axillary and tympanic thermometers in children attending primary care: a mixed-methods study of accuracy and acceptability.

Guidelines recommend measuring temperature in children presenting with fever using electronic axillary or tympanic thermometers. Non-contact thermometry offers advantages, yet has not been tested against recommended methods in primary care.To […]

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