Bacterial chatter in chronic wound infections.

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One of the hallmark characteristics of chronic diabetic wounds is the presence of biofilm-forming bacteria. Bacteria encapsulated in a biofilm may coexist as a polymicrobial community and communicate with each other through a phenomenon termed quorum sensing (QS). Here, we describe the QS circuits of bacterial species commonly found in chronic diabetic wounds. QS relies on diffusion of signaling molecules and the local concentration changes of these molecules that bacteria experience in wounds. These biochemical signaling pathways play a role not only in biofilm formation and virulence, but also in wound healing. They are, therefore, key to understanding the distinctive nature of these infections. While several in vivo and in vitro models exist to study QS in wounds, there has been limited progress in understanding the interplay between quorum sensing molecules and host factors that contribute to wound healing. Lastly, we examine the potential of targeting QS for both diagnosis and therapeutic intervention purposes. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

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