Axial length of cataract eyes: a comparison of two cohorts over a span of 10 years apart.

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To assess the associations of axial length with age-related cataract within a span of 10 years in an Asian population in southern Taiwan.A retrospective cohort study examined 960 adults who underwent cataract surgery at the Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in year 2008 and year 2018. Axial length was assessed with the ultrasound biometry and/or the Zeiss IOLMaster. Eyes with prior blunt eye trauma or had underwent vitrectomy operations were excluded. The significance of the changes in axial length between the two cohorts was determined after performing age-matched analyses. Due to utilization of ultrasound biometry and/or Zeiss IOLMaster, axial length corrections with our mean difference in measurement results, which were similar to previous studies on comparison between the two measurement tools, were carried out.Axial length showed an age-related elongation in 10-year cross-sectional data, from a mean of 23.65 ± 1.80 mm in year 2008 to a mean of 24.30 ± 1.90 in year 2018 (p = 0.003). Patients with high myopia (axial length > 26 mm) increased significantly over the 10-year period from 8.1 to 16 % (p 

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Authors: Yu-Ting Hsiao, Po-Chiung Fang, Pei-Chang Wu, Ming-Tse Kuo, Yi-Hao Chen, Hsi-Kung Kuo