Associations between vaping and Covid-19: Cross-sectional findings from the HEBECO study.

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To explore i) associations between vaping and self-reported diagnosed/suspected Covid-19; ii) changes in vaping since Covid-19 and factors associated with these changes; iii) whether Covid-19 motivated current or recent ex-vapers to quit.Cross-sectional online survey of 2791 UK adults recruited 30/04/2020-14/06/2020. Participants self-reported data on sociodemographic characteristics, diagnosed/suspected Covid-19, vaping status, changes in vaping and motivation to quit vaping since Covid-19.There were no differences in diagnosed/suspected Covid-19 between never, current and ex-vapers. Bayes factors indicated there was sufficient evidence to rule out small negative (protective) associations between vaping status and diagnosed/suspected Covid-19. Among current vapers (n = 397), 9.7 % (95 % CI 6.8-12.6 %) self-reported vaping less than usual since Covid-19, 42.0 % (37.2-46.9 %) self-reported vaping more, and 48.3 % (43.4-53.2 %) self-reported no change. In adjusted analyses, vaping less was associated with being female (aOR = 3.40, 95 % CI 1.73-6.71), not living with children (aOR = 4.93, 1.15-21.08) and concurrent smoking (aOR = 8.77, 3.04-25.64), while vaping more was associated with being younger (aOR = 5.26, 1.37-20.0), living alone (aOR = 2.08, 1.14-3.85), and diagnosed/suspected Covid-19 (aOR = 4.72, 2.60-8.62). Of current vapers, 32.2 % (95 % CI 27.5-36.8 %) were motivated to quit vaping since Covid-19, partly motivated by Covid-19, and 21.0 %, (10.5-31.4 %) of recent ex-vapers quit vaping due to Covid-19.Among UK adults, self-reported diagnosed/suspected Covid-19 was not associated with vaping status. Half of current vapers changed their vaping consumption since Covid-19, with the majority reporting an increase, and a minority was motivated to quit due to Covid-19.The analysis plan was pre-registered, and it is available at

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Authors: Dimitra Kale, Aleksandra Herbec, Olga Perski, Sarah E Jackson, Jamie Brown, Lion Shahab