Assessment of water and sanitation systems at Palestinian healthcare facilities: pre- and post-COVID-19.

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The availability of safe drinking water and the proper management of wastewater in healthcare facilities are important pillars for maintaining safety of workers, patients, and visitors and protecting human health and environment. Water and sanitation services at 495 healthcare facilities in the West Bank of Palestine are assessed using the results of PCBS and MoH (2014) survey study. Services are reassessed after the COVID-10 pandemic using personal interviews with experts from healthcare facilities, regulatory authorities, and service providers. The results show that 92.1% of healthcare facilities were connected to public water networks, 12.9% of them purchased water tanks, and 10.8% of them depended on harvested rainwater which may cause contamination and waterborne diseases. Regardless the source of freshwater, the water quality has to be regularly examined and compared to local guidelines and international standards for health promotion. Almost 63.4% of healthcare facilities were not connected to wastewater networks and used either tight or porous cesspits. Once these cesspits are filled off, wastewater is randomly disposed into nearby valleys causing adverse environmental impacts on air, water, and land resources. Medical wastewater of hazardous substances should be treated before discharged to wastewater networks. Experts assured that although heightened procedures have been made by service providers to curb the spread of the COVID-19 disease, yet, more consistent protocols and stringent procedures are crucial. There have not been any new directives or procedures regarding the management of water supplies and wastewater services in the healthcare facilities. Stakeholder collaboration can help prevent the COVID-19 disease.

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