ASPECTS-based net water uptake as an imaging biomarker for lesion age in acute ischemic stroke.

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We assessed the value of computed tomography (CT) and automated Alberta Stroke Program Early CT Score (ASPECTS) with net water uptake (NWU) to predict stroke onset time.Two-hundred forty stroke patients with anterior circulation large-vessel occlusion were included. CT-ASPECTS-NWU values were calculated by comparing the mean Hounsfield units of affected ASPECTS regions with unaffected contralateral regions. The correlation between ASPECTS-NWU and stroke onset to CT time was assessed. ASPECTS-NWU predictive values were calculated to identify a stroke onset to CT time of within 4.5/6 h.A correlation existed between stroke onset to CT time and ASPECTS-NWU (r = 0.65, p 

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Authors: XiaoQing Cheng, Hang Wu, JiaQian Shi, Zheng Dong, Jia Liu, ChangSheng Zhou, QuanHui Liu, XiaoQin Su, Zhao Shi, YingLe Li, LuLu Xiao, WuSheng Zhu, GuangMing Lu