Arytenoid Subluxation Reduction Using 28-Jackson Dilator.

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Arytenoid dislocation and subluxations commonly are reduced surgically using Holinger and straight Miller-3 laryngoscopes. We present a case of arytenoid cartilage subluxation returned to good position using a 28-Jackson dilator. A 66-year-old man was diagnosed previously with right vocal fold paresis and left vocal fold paralysis following a motor vehicle accident that required a 14-day intubation and tracheotomy maintained for 3 weeks. Evaluation by strobovideolaryngoscopy 3 months following the accident showed severe left vocal fold hypomotility and arytenoid height disparity; laryngeal electromyography showed only mild-to-moderate decreased recruitment in laryngeal muscles. No abnormalities were appreciated on neck computed tomography. Upon palpation of both arytenoid cartilages in the operating room, the left joint was found to be subluxed anteriorly and immobile. A 28-Jackson dilator was used to mobilize and reduce the left arytenoid cartilage, and steroid was injected into the cricothyroid joint. Increased mobility was obtained in the operating room and the patient reported significant improvement in his voice. Six months later, we saw improvement in arytenoid height disparity and left vocal fold movement, better glottic closure, and voice handicap index was improved. A 28-Jackson dilator can be used to manipulate the cricoarytenoid joint without trauma to the vocal process.

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