Aortic floating thrombi with lower limb ischemia and renal infarct in COVID-19: A remote thromboembolic complication.

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Summary- As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, its novel complications are being increasingly recognized, and new mechanisms of the disease are being unraveled. Aortic free-floating thrombus is exceptionally rare, and prompt diagnosis is vital to alleviate its detrimental end organ effects. We present a patient who was previously discharged owing to COVID-19 pneumonia, admitted with acute onset of lower limb pain, and was diagnosed with aortic free-floating thrombus ended up with embolic events. Clinicians should be aware of COVID-19-related thromboembolic complications, and close monitoring of patients with risk factors is vital for a timely and accurate diagnosis and management.

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Authors: Cağdaş Topel, Ceren Yıldırım, Mustafa Ali Yavaş, Batuhan Yazıcı, Safa Göde