Analysis of reflux as the etiology of laryngeal dysplasia progression through a matched case-control study.

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Laryngeal dysplasia (LD) is a precancerous lesion of the larynx. In this study, the laryngeal tissue of patients with laryngeal dysplasia was taken as the research object, and the etiology of reflux was analyzed.Patients with laryngeal dysplasia after surgery were selected as our subjects. The levels of pepsin, enterokinase, and bilirubin in laryngeal tissue samples of the two groups were detected by immunohistochemical method.The OR values (95% CI) of pepsin, enterokinase and bilirubin were 0.67 (0.19-2.36), 0.80 (0.22-2.98) and 1.33 (0.30-5.96), respectively, in the univariate analysis. Besides, in the multivariate analysis, the OR values (95% CI) of pepsin, enterokinase, and bilirubin were 0.57 (0.14-2.30), 0.73 (0.18-2.92) and 1.40 (0.30-6.53), respectively.Larger sample size should be applied to prospective studies on whether reflux is a risk factor for laryngeal cancer.

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