Altered alcohol consumption during COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.

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Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in December 2019, many countries around the world have imposed lockdown measures in order to reduce virus spread. Social isolation is known to have a significant psychological impact, potentially triggering alcohol misuse in adults. In our study, we aimed to investigate the effect of COVID-19 lockdown measures on alcohol consumption in adults in Bavaria.In this cross-sectional study, we enrolled 2067 participants, with 1961 young adults (mean age 23.3 ± 4.1) and 106 mature adults (mean age 66.7 ± 9.7). Participants were asked to complete a standardized questionnaire, semi-quantitatively evaluating the alcohol drinking behaviour before and during the pandemic lockdown.After implementation of lockdown, the alteration of alcohol consumption was significantly different between young and mature adults (p  0 to

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Authors: Julius Steffen, Jenny Schlichtiger, Bruno C Huber, Stefan Brunner