Advance care planning among African American patients on haemodialysis and their end-of-life care preferences.

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African Americans in the general population have been shown to be less likely than White ethnic groups to participate in advance care planning; however, advance care planning in the population receiving dialysis has not been well explored.We examined the prevalence of African American patients receiving haemodialysis’ advance care planning discussions, and whether advance care planning impacts end-of-life care preferences.In-person interviewer-administered surveys of African American patients receiving in-centre haemodialysis.About 101 participants at three large dialysis organisation units in Chicago.Self-reported advance care planning and preferences for life-extending treatments at end-of-life.Most patients (69%) report no advance care planning discussions with their healthcare providers. Nearly all patients (92%) without prior advance care planning reported their healthcare providers approached them about advance care planning. While the majority of patients indicated preference for aggressive life-extending care, prior conversations about end-of-life care wishes either with family members or a healthcare provider significantly decreased patients’ likelihood of choosing aggressive life-extending care across three scenarios (all p 

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Authors: Daniel Ahn, Shellie Williams, Nicole Stankus, Milda Saunders