Adjunctive steroids in adults with encephalitis: a propensity score analysis.

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Adjuvant steroids have been used for the treatment of encephalitis, although there is limited data regarding its benefit. We described the use and impact of adjunctive steroids on adverse clinical outcomes (ACO) in adults with encephalitis.Retrospective observational study of 230 adults with encephalitis at two tertiary care hospital systems in Houston, Texas, between August 2008 and September 2017. An ACO was assessed at the time of death or discharge and defined as a Glasgow Outcome Scale 1-4. A propensity score analysis was performed.Out of 230 adult encephalitis patients enrolled, 121 (52.6%) received steroids. Adjunctive steroids were given more frequently to those who had focal neurological deficits (P = 0.01), required mechanical ventilation (MV) (P = 0.01), had intensive care unit admission (P 

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