Addition of Wendler Glottoplasty to Voice Therapy Improves Trans Female Voice Outcomes.

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VT is often considered the preferred treatment for vocal feminization in transgender patients. However, Wendler glottoplasty offers a surgical option for increasing fundamental frequency and perception of vocal femininity. We aimed to determine whether the addition of glottoplasty to VT results in greater fundamental frequency elevation and improvement in quality-of-life measures.Retrospective case series.Forty-eight trans female patients were treated for vocal feminization. Twenty-seven patients underwent VT, and 21 patients underwent VT with additional glottoplasty (VTWG). Pre- and posttreatment acoustic measures, Trans Woman Voice Questionnaire (TWVQ), and Voice Handicap Index-10 (VHI-10) data were compared.Glottoplasty in combination with VT elevated average speaking fundamental frequency (SF0) to a greater extent than VT alone (P 

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