A survey of the contribution made by UK orchestras to the health and well-being sectors.

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To provide a comprehensive picture of the contribution that orchestras currently make in the public health sector.An online survey of member orchestras of the Association of British Orchestras.Data gathered covered geographical, financial and musical aspects, the type of healthcare settings in which the work takes place, orchestras’ motivation for their involvement in the healthcare sector, the role health and well-being delivery plays in their business models, and finally, the impact of COVID-19 on orchestras’ current and future plans.Approximately half of UK orchestras are engaged significantly in the area of health and well-being in all four UK nations and a wide range of healthcare settings. There is a strong appetite to develop this work among those orchestras not yet involved. At the same time, the extent of this work is not formally recognised or paid for by the healthcare sector.While there is considerable unevenness in the provision, it is clear that UK professional orchestras made a significant contribution to the health and well-being sectors in hospitals and other healthcare settings. There is scope for a greater contribution by orchestras to the healthcare sector, which will require more formal recognition of the value of this work.

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Authors: S Derbyshire, F Harvey, M Swann