A randomised controlled trial of fibrinogen concentrate during scoliosis surgery.

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Bleeding and blood transfusion are common after scoliosis surgery. Fibrinogen is essential for blood clot formation and depletes quickly during haemorrhage. We randomly allocated 102 children 12-18 years old having surgery for idiopathic scoliosis, 51 to intra-operative fibrinogen concentrate 30 mg.kg-1 (maximum 2 g) and 51 to saline placebo. Fibrinogen reduced peri-operative blood loss by a median (95%CI) volume of 155 (5-320) ml, from a median (IQR [range]) of 1035 (818-1420 [400-3030]) ml to 885 (755-1155 [270-2645]) ml, p = 0.04. Seven and four children received allogeneic red blood cell transfusion after fibrinogen and placebo, respectively, p = 0.34. There were no side-effects.

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