A Multispecialty Critical Airway Simulation Course for Medical Students.

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To develop a novel multispecialty simulation-based course that teaches both technical and nontechnical skills in the management of adult and pediatric critical airways to graduating medical students and 2) to encourage a collaborative, multispecialty approach to the management of a difficult airway amongst fourth-year medical students who have enrolled in otolaryngology, anesthesia, and emergency medicine residency programs.Fourth-year medical student who had matched into otolaryngology, anesthesia, and emergency medicine participated in an intensive half-day course consisting of a series of hands-on skills stations with increasing complexity, followed by simulated complex patient scenarios designed for shared management of airway emergencies. Participants completed questionnaires prior to and immediately after the course. Fischer’s exact test was utilized to compare data between the precourse and postcourse surveys. Free-text responses were qualitatively assessed to inform course development.Thirty-four medical students were enrolled (6 otolaryngology, 15 anesthesia, 13 emergency medicine), and 30 students completed both surveys. Fisher’s exact test demonstrated improved confidence (P 

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