A Broadband Photoelectronic Detector in a Silicon Nanopillar Array with High Detectivity Enhanced by a Monolayer Graphene.

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To meet the fast-growing need for broad applications in remote sensing, novel optoelectronic devices with high detectivity in full bands and room temperature operation are urgently desired. This paper reports our progress in developing a specially designed photovoltaic detector by integrating a monolayer graphene onto a silicon-based nanopillar array standing on a p-n junction. Optoelectronic measurements of the fabricated detectors show that the monolayer graphene plays a critical role in device performance. Compared with the one without the graphene covering, the new device demonstrates significant improvements in the specific detectivity of 1.43 × 1013 Jones and the responsivity exceeding ∼106 V/W with a reduced leakage current corresponding to a quantum efficiency of 74.8% at 860 nm wavelength. Moreover, such sensing performance remained unaffected over the entire band from 450 to 1100 nm at room temperature, which is suitable for broadband imaging applications.

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Authors: Bo Feng, Xiaohang Pan, Tao Liu, Shuoqiu Tian, Tianyu Wang, Yifang Chen