24th Collegium Ramazzini Statement: Prevention of Work-Related Infection in the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Workers whose occupations put them in contact with infected persons and the public are at increased risk of COVID-19 infection.The Collegium Ramazzini calls on governments at all levels to protect worker health by strengthening public health systems; maintaining comprehensive social insurance systems; establishing policies that presume all COVID-19 infections in high-risk workers are work-related; enforcing all occupational health standards; and developing pandemic preparedness plans.The Collegium Ramazzini calls on all employers – large and small, public and private – to protect the health of all workers by developing disease preparedness plans; implementing basic infection control measures; establishing disease identification and isolation policies; reducing hazardous exposures; supporting personal protective equipment (PPE) programs; and restricting unnecessary travel.Governments and employers have legal obligations to protect worker health. They are not relieved of these duties during pandemics.

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